SantaCon Albuquerque

December 7, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – December 8, 2018 @ 12:00 am

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SantaCon Guidlines:

These guidelines are to help you and everyone enjoy SantaCon. They are not rules. SantaCon doesn’t really have rules as such (except that you must dress like Santa).
If you take heed of the collected wisdom in the advice below, it will help keep you safe, warm and on Santa’s Nice list.

-For the purpose of SantaCon, “Christmas” is the name of a popular secular holiday and has no religious connotations (much like the word “holiday”). This doesn’t mean we don’t respect religious views. It simply means that taking part in SantaCon doesn’t imply you support any particular religion or doctrine. It’s just silly fun.

-Dress up! A Santa hat alone is not enough. You don’t have to dress exactly like Santa but the theme is red. That having been said, unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are often appreciated and Christmas trees, elves, reindeer themes etc. are all good.

-Have fun.

-Address your fellow santa as “Santa.”

-Don’t get drunk in public. Being drunk &/or disorderly in public will tarnish Santa’s reputation. One bad santa can ruin things for an entire location because we’re all dressed the same, duh. Also, it’s an offense and will get you arrested. Remember that there is no “bail fund” for incarcerated santas and if you cross the line you’ll be on your own. Don’t be that Santa.

-If you do get drunk in public, you should get into a fight with other santas, get arrested as quickly as possible (before anyone gets hurt), be carted away in handcuffs and have the whole thing recorded on video for the evening news and Youtube.

-Santa does not make children cry. Does this really need to be said? Seriously, if you see kids, don’t do anything to freak them out. Give them a nice smile and possibly a gift of some kind…

-Optionally, bring gifts: Nice things to give children; nice or naughty things for adults.

-Do not throw your gifts at anyone, especially if those gifts are raw Brussels sprouts.

-Santa dresses for all occasions. If it’s cold outside, wear multiple costume layers. Dress to maximize merriment whether singing carols in the snow, or swinging from a stripper pole in a hot nightclub.

-Make sure you always tip the good people who are serving you. We want to be able to do this again next year so be polite and cultivate the goodwill of the local community.

-Santa doesn’t drink & drive. If you’re going to drink you must make sure that you can get safely home without driving yourself. Check public transport, carpool with a designated sober driver, make arrangements to sleep over at someone’s place etc. Organizers sometimes try to coordinate transportation for Santa – check the event details to find out if this is being done in your area.

-Have a very merry Christmas!

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